One month wedding anniversary!

We very often recall everything that happened to us that day: great moments full of joy, fun and love.
All this was possible with the help of Voevoda Event and our magical fairy Daria Voevoda, who was able to catch our mood and even unconscious desires, which led to an incredible marvellous evening.

She gathered a team of real superheroes for us: amazing photography by Olya Carrera, video from Zefirma Production, out-of-universe decoration from Crazy Clara Flowers, energetic entertainment from Ignat Popov and Teaserok. 
The day was also full of incredible locations: we started our morning at the hotel, had breakfast at @mimosa_pizza (kudos to its staff who didn't say a word to us when we had our photoshoot at each table) and then moved to Fabius Restaurant for ceremony and celebration dinner. Everything was perfect: from the menu and service to the location itself.

Our wedding flew by in an instant, but each minute of it will be an amazing memory that will bring joy to our hearts for the rest of our lives.

Daria & Max | June 27th, 2021

Dashaaaa! We're actually eating wedding cake in bed😎


Thank you and the whole team so much!

It's something out of our minds. 

Everything was perfect, absolutely everything, and I am an experienced visitor to weddings🥸


Anya and Olya became like bridesmaids for me that day, and special thanks to Misha; Kostya is delighted!

The decorations, the cake, the service, the program, the venue, the weather, everything was incredible!


Thank you for being so wonderful! 
We didn't feel like there were some outsiders around; everyone was so sincere and so unique! 

Luibov & Konstantine | August 22nd, 2021 

Thank you for our best day ever ❤️ 

Aliona & Nikita | September 4th,  2021

Where to start))


Firstly, I do not know such words to describe the whole range of emotions we have experienced, but for us, it was legendary! 

The guests praised us yesterday as if we planned it all, but we know whose hands are responsible for it)

Secondly, thank you for just staying to hang out and (hopefully) get some rest and be our dear guest also!  


We will remember these two days with great love, gratitude and a slight pain in the eye)))


We are happy that we have chosen you and a team of super professionals, and we are glad that we decided to celebrate the wedding at all!) It is worth it!

Julia & Dima | July 9th & 10th, 2021 

It was worth organizing everything to see our grandmas as flower girls and watch them dance until midnight with The Cavaliers Band!

To gather our family and closest friends!
To have our closest friend as master of ceremonies! 
To have the venue decorated by the florist with a subtle sense of beauty, thank you, Dalina flowers 🤍
Just to be photographed by Ira and Dima Frolov, professionals in their field and incredible people!
To have the dream dress by the Cathytelle team, the dress I didn’t want to take off!
To have Anna Demyanenko and Misha filming everything. We watched the same-date-edit video at the end of the party and could barely breathe because of excitement!
And thanks to Sergey hosting everything, we remembered all the jokes and laughed the next day! 


To have everything perfectly planned by Daria, whom my mother is ready to take as daughter-in-law😅
We didn’t do anything; in fact, it’s all was arranged by Dasha Voevoda and Voevoda Event ❤️
Thank you! 

Luidmila & Sergiy | June 18th,  2021

Dasha, many, many times more, thanks for such a fucking holiday!!!


For the week before the wedding, we were very worried about how everything would be and how everything would pass. In the morning in the chalet, we surrendered to the flow with evident confidence that we had strong support we could rely on. The final result was even better than we imagined. 

So atmospheric, beautiful, emotional, and so about us that I now am again touched by the feeling of gratitude for our holiday 😭❤️


All the guests are delighted, we have a lot of calls today, and everyone is still in the same elevated mood they were in yesterday!


It was our perfect day. Thank you for these emotions ❤️

Marina & Anton | August 21st, 2021 

The most influential people in the wedding organization remain behind the scenes! We probably did something very good in this life since fate brought us together with such wonderful people 🤍


Well, Daria Voevoda and Voevoda Event! I don’t know how Instagram brought us together, but it was not by chance! 

You are not just an excellent professional who loves your job so much that it is a treat for the eyes, but also just an amazing person who made it so that we can’t imagine our life without you now 🙈


Thank you for the fairy tale, thank you for making our dream come true, and for your help and support. 

You are unreal and deserve incredible happiness for all the happiness you bring to people! 🤍

Julia & Brandon | August 7,  2020

Dasha!!! Thank you!


It seems not enough to just say 'Thank you!'; we need more hours of hugs and thousands of air kisses to express how grateful we are!


From the very beginning till the end, our wedding was fantastic, like a space trip and we are astronauts in it ♥️

Thank you for being able to feel us and plan the wedding exactly how we wanted! We love you so much ♥️♥️♥️


P.S. Dasha, will you plan one more party for us? 😂♥️

Victoria & Antoniy | July 26, 2020 

Voevoda Event is more than a wedding planner; it is part of the story of our celebration. 

And the thing is not only about these 24 hours of the wedding itself but also the pleasure of planning processes, the choice of contractors who cares about you, and delicious wine; this is clarity and wit.


As a bride, I did not think for a minute that something could go wrong, and even if it did, "Daria will solve all issues", and everything will be fine. And it turned out! Everything was more than perfect; everything was beautiful, inspiring and wonderful, even until late morning )))


Thank you for being with us. You are our story, friend and sommelier)). Grow and prosper!

Marichka & Sashko | August 11th,  2019

I always knew that the main thing is to find the right people. And then it will turn out much better than if you did everything yourself :) 


The original plan was to hire a coordinator already at the final stage – a week before the wedding. But after meeting Daria, I realized that I “want” her now!! 

And it was the most correct wedding decision :) 
Daria knows how to subtly capture desires (even the ones you have not realized yet:) )

And her uncompromising quality is fantastic. At some stages, I was ready to give up and agree to what was, but thanks to Daria, we got what we originally wanted! And most importantly, trust is easily formed with Daria; somehow, you immediately understand that the wedding is in safe hands :) 
In general, I highly recommend Daria to everyone :) Especially if you need
not just a wedding planner but a wedding planner with a soul!

Ksenia & Stuart | August 31st, 2019 

You plan to do a wedding once in your life, and therefore the celebration should be perfect. 


Because "for the first time", you don't know where to run and what to shout. And here, as if on unicorns, SHE appears, reads thoughts and hits the heart! 'The wedding planner' is nothing to say about her. Dasha is a fairy who transforms a pumpkin from imagination into a carriage in life! 

She is a friend, a psychologist, a stylist, and a real professional in her field! 
Her approach always considers even your strangest wishes; for example, a wedding cake made entirely from cheese)

Do I recommend her!? Oh YES!!

Yasia & Daniel |  September 22nd, 2019

Our manager, our coordinator, our therapist..all possible. Dasha found so many solutions for so many questions, for so many issues. It's not only what you do; it's the way how you do it. And we felt special with you, not just one of. 

Victor & Victoria | September 8th, 2019

Знайти діджея та ідеального фотографа, оформити стіл, запропонувати дуже підходящу локацію, підібрати ідеальний дизайн торту і підтримувати кожну секунду.
Організувати саме ту весільну вечірку, на якій буде комфортно нам і нашим 20-ти друзям. Без кліше, стереотипів і забобонів. І все це в максимально стислі терміни.
Все так ідеально, що через рік хочеться повторити знову.
Ну, що тут скажеж, наша фея!

Оксана та Сашко, 19 травня 2018 

Если бы можно было я бы 12 звёзд поставила. Эта девушка-умница. Каждодневный праздник. Мы с Дашулей не были знакомы. Мне ее посоветовала мой видеограф. С первого дня я нашла с Дашей общий язык, был контакт. Каждая с невест должна найти именно своего координатора-организатора. Но Дашулю, я рекомендую, потому что она умная, самостоятельная, сообразительная,ответственная, честная, надежная. Всегда найдет выход с любой сложной ситуации. Профессионал своего дела.Даша- лучшая из лучших. Спасибо большое за всё?????

Юля и Саша, 23 сентрября 2018

Дашааааа, ты фея! добрая и ответственная фея!
Слово координатор как-то даже грубовато звучит для твоей роли в свадебном дне, честно)
У меня была свадьба 26.08.2017 (50 гостей) и хоть подготовкой я занималась самостоятельно, на день свадьбы очень хотелось иметь "своего человека", на которого можно будет положиться, которому смогу доверить этот день и в котором буду уверенна. Ты меня влюбила в себя сразу) окончательно и бесповоротно.
В день свадьбы я была абсолютно счастлива, все было идеально и точно так, как я планировала. Спасибо тебе за это!
Я ни разу после свадьбы не задумалась и не усомнилась в том, что координатор лично мне очень нужен был и помог во многом, в основном помог расслабиться и ни о чем организационном не думать)

Рекомендую очень очень!

Катя и Макс, 26 августа 2017 

Дашуля!!!!Спасибо тебе огромное!!!!!!Ты была идейным вдохновителем, советчиком и нашим светом на пути к идеальному торжеству!!!Ты наше успокоительное и обезболивающее в одном флаконе)))))))Если бы не твои професионализм и выдержка - мы с Олегом никогда не чувствовали себя настолько спокойно на нашей свадьбе! Спасибо, что именно благодаря тебе мы и наши родные получили нереальное удовольстивие от нашего особенного дня!!! Ты-чудо и мы благодарны, что ты появилась на нашем жизненом пути!)))))

Кристина и Олег, 2 сентября 2017

Так долго откладывала слова благодарности,так много хочется сказать. Во-первых, Спасибо дорогая Дария Воевода за организацию этого чудесного праздника.не побоюсь этого слова-все было идеально!я не знаю какая волшебная палочка у тебя была,но все прошло без единой заминки.спасибо,за твой ответственный подход и перфекционизм в каждой детали.я понимаю,что часто приходилось выкручиваться и меня не так просто было выдержать,но ты огромная умничка!ты прекрасно справилась. я уверенно могу сказать,что оно того стоило. Во-вторых,спасибо за подборку профессионалов,которые сделали все по максимуму. и последнее,самое главное!!спасибо,что вкладываешь сердце.

Алёна и Борислав, 8 июля 2016 

Дашуль, беспредельное тебе спасибо за помощь в организации нашей с Максом свадьбы! Хотя все происходило в супер экстримальных сроках, всё же нам удалось организовать свадьбу за месяц!

Да еще и какую!)) Помощь в выборе ведущего, музыкальной группы, декоратора, флориста, ресторана и помощь в общих организационных вопросах – за это спасибо тебе огромное!

В день свадьбы я вообще ни о чём не переживала! А почему – потому что все было круто спланировано и организовано!

Еще раз спасибо!

P.S. Успехов тебе в развитии!

Яна и Макс, 8 августа 2015