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wedding flowers upcycling | OCTO tower, Kyїv, 2021
in partnership with Buzz Public & Dalina X

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Keep the idea, concept, and scenario in harmony and consistent in context.

Global comfort and integrity. 


▪️ WIN — WIN

Our goal is to put together professionals whose skills match your wishes.

By organizing a team excited to work on your particular event, we ensure your requests are fulfilled to the highest standard.

Teamwork makes the dream work. 



No templates.

Only original ideas and non-standard solutions. Custom conceptual events or shiny classical celebrations – you decide! We will ensure that whatever theme you choose, the event will uniquely reflect your personality.



We are in charge of every team member and vouch for their commitment to a common goal. Not by words but by the signed agreement. 



We work with different financial ranges and fixed service costs and do our best to realize your dream event within the best possible budget. We analyze the prices for each vendor and suggest optimizations whenever possible.



Of course, we are open to working with your team (when you already have a venue, photographer, etc.). Still, we always insist on conducting a preliminary analysis (price/quality/benefits/risks, etc.) to ensure appropriate service quality.



24/7 access to all cloud-based project documentation, budget control, and vendor contacts. Everything you need — you have full access to.



We want you to be happy and satisfied with our service – we do understand the lifetime values of special occasions. 

That is why we pay great attention to your personalities, dreams, and family traditions. We aim to build trust and establish a communication style that allows both parties to enjoy the planning process. 

Mutual respect and partnership. 



Daria Voevoda

founder & wedding planner 


ecobiotechnologist, project manager, perfectionist, pet enthusiast, hedonist, and just a simple human being, was building a career in the life sciences industry,  

but it seems like the world has another mission for me :) 


I wanted to create a service driven not by the market templates but by my values, best summarized as "for the people – as for yourself."


For us, the most important things are trust and mutual respect between people, both with clients and each project team member.


Our approach is built around honesty, transparency, and a truly personalized format of celebrations rather than a conveyor of events that differ only in decorations.


I often joke that feeling people is my superpower because I always manage to catch the mood of others, which I believe is the key to understanding each other.


Therefore, I always anticipate concept development and work on details.


They say the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.


Celebrate whatever!

aesthetics and the art of emotions are very important to us. so see the latest photos of our projects on our social media pages