Ksyusha & Lyosha

September 16, 2021

Please, meet Ksyusha & Lyosha. 
Usually, they lead quite a fashionable way of living, are addicted to vintage and like to fill their everyday life with high-quality and, at the same time, simple things.

If you are familiar with the popular Kyiv bar "Bezdelniki" atmosphere, this is their vibe, as they owned that place. 
So it is not surprising that they treated the wedding with such a sincere approach and simplicity. 
They decided to arrange a traditional village wedding with the romantic naming "Love and Holubtsi".

A simple little restaurant in the middle of the forest, a shared u-shape table around a dance floor, local garden flowers, crystal and porcelain dishes, antique trinkets, delicious farm food and natural wines, horilka, and, of course, a lot of love and holubtsi (more well-known as cabbage rolls worldwide).

As a presenter, they invited their friend and one of the best sommeliers in Ukraine, Roman Remeev, who charmed the guests and the entire team with his charisma.
The colourful band from Odesa didn't let us get cold after the sunset (outdoors at the end of September are pretty cold), 
and the DJ made even the bride's parents dance on the table at the end of the evening.

Ksyusha and Lyosha became our first couple to take a bottle of champagne and their beloved dog Boulion with them and leave the place before the guests.
To say that we liked it is not enough. We LOVED it!

Must be taken as an example do not be afraid to let go of all stereotypes associated with the word "wedding".  It's your day and your celebration. Enjoy!